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our story

our story EKOSERVIS SLOVENSKO s.r.o.
Our story originated in the forest, in the middle of a pure nature of the High Tatras mountain, being a birthplace of our company founder, Mr. Werner Frank. After graduation from the mechanical high school, young Werner has been considering two disciplines to continue his studies – forestry or mechanical engineering.

After all he has become a mechanical engineer, a water management specialist, whereby our common story actually started.
As he grew up with nature, he remained faithful to the nature by deciding to focus on water infrastructure sector, specialization of wastewater treatment. After graduation from the Slovak Technical University in 1964, he started his first job at the wastewater treatment plant belonging to the sanatorium specialized in respiratory diseases in the local town Smokovec, working with tuberculosis sludge sterilization technology. After that his positions varied from a foreman, head of water management department to finally the position of a chief wastewater treatment technologist in regional East Slovakian water network operator company in Kosice.

our story EKOSERVIS SLOVENSKO s.r.o.
Water management has become his personal matter, connecting mechanical engineering with environmental focus. His objective was clear though uneasy – at that time experience in wastewater treatment technologies were scarce.
In the year 1990, together with his son, he founded the company EKOSERVIS SLOVENSKO to be focused on wastewater treatment plants. They started to design the plants and employed experts to develop an innovative technology focused team. A conventional design approach has been changed to an innovative one, the wastewater treatment philosophy changed by excluding the sedimentation tank in the biological treatment process to design a compact treatment unit to be installed inside the building. This was not an end, our experts followed the target to work out more technology innovations. Since 2010, the company focused on the membrane technology improvement targeted to substitute the sedimentary tank by the membrane thus excluding a demanding civil unit from the wastewater treatment plant structure.

What is a key point of our story?
In the fact that we have succeeded. In wastewater treatment procedure for separation of sludge substrate from the treated water we have developed a new system of membrane technology by filtration titled „Membrane gravity settler“. Wastewater treated by this technology achieves the quality of drinking water and can be recycled.

This makes a basis for our philosophy, to keep being innovative for the purpose of improving environment. It is our contribute to the global problem of water shortage. Our lifetime focus and mission is to clean wastewater to the highest possible extent and to return it to the nature ...
Our boss is an example of these efforts coming true and we are glad we can share his endeavor to fulfill our mission!